From improved packaking to an upgrade of our compression technology, the latest changes we’ve made are designed to make our market-leading, non-combustible products even better.

Better for you, because it’s easier to choose, use, store and handle your insulation. And better for the world, because together, we are reducing our carbon footprint even further.

Better for you, better for the world

A smaller carbon footprint

Our new Technology that compresses mineral wool more tightly, which means less traffic on the road and less plastic packaging per square meter of our mineral wool, we also reduce ink in our packaging designs. packaging and use 30% recycled plastic.

Top-of-the-line insulation for top projects

Insulation is an often overlooked factor, but it is truly a very important factor in the success of a project.

What would your project users be like if summer was hot, winter was cold, or outside noise, operating costs were regularly increased, which you would have been able to control if you had properly assessed the importance of insulation materials from the very beginning of the project?

For a better world

Our products help to save energy, reduce emissions and are designed to ensure that the building is environmentally friendly.

"For a better world" is our mission to create success. Our vision is to lead the search for clean and safe insulation solutions for a better world.”


With Remak® Rockwool the product is good, but you get more benefits:

Remak® Rockwool is manufactured to different insulation needs to meet all customer insulation requirements.

Committed to products made from natural ingredients that do not contain harmful substances.

Born from molten lava and crystallized into fibers, Remak® Rockwool mineral wool has superior fire resistance.

The main ingredient for the production of Remak® Rockwool mineral wool is basalt, its melting point is 1350°C.

We provide solutions, specifications of each type and calculate the coefficient of insulation and soundproof for free.

We guarantee that Remak® Rockwool has all documents, certification and product tests.