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What are the benefits of insulation?

Insulation brings many benefits.

First of all, it plays a huge role in keeping a consistent temperature in a building all year round. It can keep out the heat in summer as well as protect against the cold in winter.

Energy savings = lower electricity bills

When we’re hot most of us turn on the air conditioner, but did you know that without the right insulation, you could be losing up to 50% of that energy through your roof, walls, and floors, even through a hole on the door or on the windows?

A well insulated home will help you use and lose less electrical energy, reducing your environmental impact and saving you money.

Reducing the impact on the living environment and minimising carbon emissions create a better world for everyone.

Controlling fire and explosion risks

In the event of a fire, combustible insulation in your building can cause fires to break out faster with devastating effects. So choosing the right insulation is a vital measure in making sure that people and your home are as safe as possible.

Remak® Rockwool is a perfect insulation material because it is non-combustible, it doesn’t contribute to the spread of fire. Also, it does not produce toxic fumes, and therefore can give you more time to get out safely.

Make your home quieter

If you are undertaking a refurbishment project, you should check whether you did choose the right type of insulation for your building.

Proper insulation in your roof, walls and floors will reduce noise traveling from room to room, house to house or just from outside.

Make your home more comfortable

When installed properly, Remak® Rockwool insulation solutions help maintain stable inside temperatures by slowing heat transfer, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

A well-insulated home reduces heat loss and thus, keeps a stable and comfortable temperature. Furthermore, it can prevent air leaks, uncontrolled condensation and possible mould spores, mildew or microbial organic compounds help maintain a safe and healthy environment.